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Garden of Wisdom's Get Your Glow Back Turmeric Mask is crafted to effectively address blackheads and acne blemishes while also targeting dark spots and hyper-pigmentation concerns. Turmeric, renowned for its healing properties, not only helps to maintain skin moisture but also possesses natural cleansing attributes. We highly recommend trying out this product, as it's consistently among our best-selling offerings.

When first opened, this mask tends to have a layer of liquid. Think of Greek yogurt with a liquid layer on top. We have changed the consistency of this mask many times but have decided to stick with our recent formula. The liquid will also keep the ingredients moist. Stir it and enjoy.

Get Your Glow Back Turmeric Mask

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Glow Queen

So this mask has never left my face irritated! First turmeric mask to do so since I use tret, AHA, BHA alternating weekly. I usually find my face is super sensitized from these for me to use anything with a scent.

However, this one plays fine with all of the above treatments. It does have a scent, like turmeric, but I do not mind it. I know turmeric can stain but I've left this on for a few hrs by mistake and had no issue with staining or irritation. Masks like this are a luxury item for me but I would definitely repurchase. :)

Thank you so much for this review! :) WE love it!

Gentle and very effective

Both myself (over 50) and my teen daughter use this mask. Its strong enough to clean up my skin and gentle enough for her. She has pretty significant hormonal acne. And although we haven't exactly figured out how to get rid of it entirely, we are getting much help from GOW and this product in particular. It really clears the dead skin cells and reduces my daughter's blackheads. Thanks, GOW!

We very much appreciate your review! :) Thank you!

Calming and soothing... plus smoothing and hydrating!

Woke up with angry skin today - very red and tight and cheeks a bit sore to the touch. I had this in my beauty arsenal for a few months and just remembered I had this when searching my vanity for something to help. Applied a generous amount and let it dry and sit for about 20 minutes. Rinsed off and much to my surprise the redness was GONE! And those crinkles from dry skin? - Also GONE. Believe me, I will never forget about this little hero again and has been upgraded from the back of the vanity drawer to sitting ON the vanity! :)

Thank you so very much for your review! We appreciate it :)

Alena Kastyrka
best mask

love this mask - creamy structure, nice in smell, skin feels amazing after!

We're so glad you are loving this mask! Thank you :)

Love this mask

I love everything about this mask. Its gentle on my skin, non-drying, and most importantly, its soothing and effective. Its gentle enough I’ve even used it several days in a row. I’m about to reorder more again, as I like having it on hand in case of skin emergencies!

We're so glad you are loving this mask!