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Garden of Wisdom's GoAway Circles Eye Serum addresses under eye darkness with Haloxyl, an active that absorbs and eliminates colored blood pigments in skin that are responsible for dark under-eyes. Matrixyl 3000 lifts and tightens skin, while Eyeliss strengthens capillaries, aiding the discontinuation of broken and leaking capillaries, helping to prevent the cause of dark under eyes before it happens.

NOTE: this is to be used for under eye DARK CIRCLES only. For puffiness, please use our Anti-puffy Eye Serum

Many people instantly assume that dark circles under the eyes are due to stress or tiredness, and many creams and products have supported and promoted this basic assumption. However, it is now known that this occurs because the tiny capillaries beneath the skin break and blood can seep out, which in turn begins to oxidize and turns the skin a dark, bruised color. This can further be enhanced by the overall thinness of the skin in eye area.

Method of Application
Apply to dark circles twice daily for 30 days, taking a break every 2 to 3 days. Once desired results have been achieved, use every few days for maintenance. One drop should be enough product to treat both eyes. Apply by gently patting this serum on the orbital bone. The heat from your skin will draw the serum closer to the lower eyelid.

GoAway Circles Eye Serum

Customer Reviews

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Marie Zent
Very Effective Under Eye Syrum

I try to keep this eye serum in my possession at all times. I usually buy the small size but believe it or not, it lasts forever since I only use one drop under each eye every day. It really does what it's supposed to do, totally erases the darkness under my eyes. It's a fantastic product and I don't want to ever be without it. At the moment I still have a little left and I will be ordering it again soon. I love GOW products, and have never been disappointed with anything i've ordered. Thanks GOW for making such amazing products for us. I'm getting ready to place another order for some other GOW products that are forever and always a staple in my skincare regimen. Love Love Love their moisturizers as well, just wish we could have more discount codes once in awhile. It really helps. Thanks GOW

Thank you for this review!

Oh gosh they do go away....

I have had dark circles in like forever...I know it's hereditary but the continuous use of a laptop, the lack of sleep and the sinus issue I have contributed to making my dark circles even darker. I have tried oh so many creams and treatments and spent so much money that I lost count; they did work but only for a couple of days or a maximum of a week, then I am back to square one. I came across the Go Away Serum of GOW by coincidence and decided to give it a go..no reviews at all but the ingredients looked genuine and the name intrigued me. It came in a plastic container with a pump which makes it easy to use - just a tiny wheeny little pump and a small quantity of serum (pea size) is enough for both eyes..under and orbit of the eye - so already a plus as it lasts longer. It distributes nicely on the eyes, has no odour, no stickiness and dries up pretty quickly - hey another plus. I have been using it for more than 2months now before actually writing this review and can notice the difference, the dark circles are lighter, the fine lines are barely there and my eyes feel fresh - I don't have that tired look anymore. I can't say the dark circles vanished, but at least less noticeable, the dark colour has reduced a lot and when applying some concealer they barely show unlike before - where I would still have that darkness glowing through!. GOW you definitely made this serum work. Just one downside - the bottle is dark hence you see through to check what's left.

So glad this is working so well! Thank you for writing this review!

Chioma O.
I am already gaining my confidence back..

I haven't slept since I woke up by 2am and looked at the mirror. U won't understand the joy I have is like that of someone who just won a lottery. I have had dark circles for about 13yrs. The dark circles were thick. I have used even very expensive creams but the creams did not remove my dark circles. The dark circles are fading fast. This is a miracle. I can only say thank you. God linked me to your products. U must have worked very hard. Again the eye serum doesn't irritate my eyes like some do. I wish u the very best in what u do. I am already gaining my confidence back. My spirit is uplifted. I was just telling my cousin about it because her mum has the same problem for up to 30yrs now. Before I found your serum I was going to plan a trip to a london clinic. I had already gone for consultation and was supposed to go for the dark circle treatment. With this I will not need to anymore.

So great to hear this :) We're super happy to hear this!