Beta Exfo™ Tonic 2%



 Product Information

Beta hydroxy acids (salicylic acid) are able to penetrate inside the pore to help clear away dead skin cells that have built up within the pore. Beta hydroxy acids are not as aggressive in nature as the alpha hydroxy acids, but we still advise caution with any type of topical acid preparation.

Application Method

If you are new to acids, use every three days. In total, exfoliate no more than 3 to 4 times per week. Use on clean skin (skin can be dampened with hydrosol, toner or fruit mists, or it can be dry). Apply a few drops with clean fingertips, then wait 20 minutes before using any other products. The acid will self-neutralize and then you can continue with your routine.

The exception to the 20 minute wait rule is that if the acids are very uncomfortable. If so, rinse immediately and build up a tolerance to the acids over about a months time, increasing the length of time every few days. Acids, however, are not meant to be comfortable as they are a remodeling tool.

List of Ingredients

  • Spring water hydrating
  • Organic Grape Alcohol solvent, astringent
  • Salicylic Acid 2% gentle deep pore exfoliant

Customer Feedback

For anyone with clogged pores, this stuff's for you! I started on GOW about two months ago, with the oily/dehydrated kit, buy my clogged pores (esp. on my cheeks) were really bad. I've been using the 2% BHA 1.9 pH about 3 times a week (also masking with glacial clay once a week and using the AHA and mandelic each one time a week), as a sort of degunking process, and while the clogs aren't all gone, they are much improved. I had used the mandelic on its own for a little while and hadn't seen much improvement, so I really think the BHA deserves the bulk of the praise for the improvement.I had used another brand's BHA in the past, and it was either too slick (with silicones) or too gooey (gel-like) and never worked as well as Markey's 2%. Plus, it had other chemicals I no longer want to use.

So thank you, Markey!! Keep up the good work!!

Ok, got my order a couple of weeks ago. You are absolutely right. This stuff rocks! Now this is how 2% BHA should work. Any bumps that start showing itself is gone quickly. Incredible. This leaves [competitor's product] 2% in the dust. Markey does it again!