Wound Healing Oil


SKU: CO-525

Method of Application

Apply as often as desired. Typically you will cover the wound with a bandage if the environment is conducive to dirt, bacteria, etc. Leave the bandage off so air can circulate.

List of Ingredients

  • Neem Seed Oil antibacterial, antifungal, high in antioxidants, healing, healing and more healing!
  • Apricot Kernel Oil skin softening
  • Tamanu Nut Oil scar diminishing, skin softening
  • Turmeric Co2 Extract the antibiotic action prevents bacterial infection of the wounds by bacteria such as E.coli, staphylococcus and bacillus, anti-inflammatory action relieves inflammation, the analgesic action relives pain, helps in formation of new skin cells and closes the wound

    Customer Feedback

    Hi Jen and Markey -
    I received a sample of your healing oil and want to let you know I think this oil is fantastic!  The oil has significantly inspired my healing.  I apologize for the detail of my story below, but I want you to know how great the oil performed for me.
    I had a basal cell carcinoma removed from my chest. This was removed through the "scrape & burn" method, which leaves a fairly good sized hole in the skin.  Conventional aftercare is to apply Vaseline over the wound & keep it covered. I have followed a slightly different approach, using a blend of argan oil & lavender essential oil, covered w/a layer of Alba Multi-purpose Jelly.
    I applied your oil 5 days after the surgery and after using my method. (I waited because I hadn't yet received the oil sample.)  when I applied the oil for the first time, the  wound looked like it should-red, raised ring on the outside w/a yellowish moist center. On day 5, I applied your oil and covered the wound with gauze (w/a layer of the Alba gel to keep the gauze from sticking to the wound).  After 8 hours I removed the dressing to clean the wound and discovered the yellowish center was about half gone. I did the same a second time and the next morning all the yellow crud was gone, the wound was clear.  After the next 24 hours and two more cleanings & oil applications, the wound is significantly less inflamed, much smaller and much further along in healing than it has ever been at day 8 after the surgery. In addition, the wound stopped feeling irritated after the first 8 hours - whereas, in the past, the wound is extremely irritated.
    I know that the true test will be in about 2 weeks after the wound completely heals.  But for now, I am amazed at what the oil has done in 48 hrs!
    I strongly encourage you to offer this oil in your product line.  Hoping to add this to my next order!
    Thx so much  ... MW