Guar Gum



Guar Gum Powder is a water soluble food additive that is extracted from guar beans. It is commonly used as a thickening agent in yogurts, ice cream, supplements, lotions, and creams. Guar Gum Powder has eight times the thickening potency as cornstarch and is high in fiber. commonly used in gluten free recipes and gluten free baked goods because it can be used in place of binding products such as wheat flour.

Properties thickening agent, hydrocolloid, stabilizer, promotes a smooth and consistent feel

INCI: Guar Gum  
Purity: 100%
Melting Point: N/A
Applications: Topical
Usage Rate: Up to .5% (start at a .1% or lower)
Solubility: Water
Temperature: Will dissolve in cold or hot water

    Guar Gum