Karanja Oil


SKU: CO-104

Karanja oil is a natural antiseptic, making it great for use on blemish-prone skin, as it will help to control and eliminate blemishes. It helps to cleanse skin, as well as heal damaged skin. Karanja oil is insecticidal and anti-parasitic.

Properties antiseptic, healing, cleansing, insecticidal, anti-parasitic

Botanical Name: Pongamia glabra
Origin: Asia
Extraction Method: Expeller pressed/Extra virgin/Wild crafted
Color: Gold/clear
Derived From: The Karanja Seed
Contains: High content of triglycerides
Base Oil:  Can be used up to 100% strength
(this is a strong oil though so you may want to dilute it, depending on your skin)
Shelf Life: 2 years

Fatty Acid Composition

  • palmitic 11.6%
  • stearic  7.5%
  • oleic 51.5%
  • linoleic 16.0%
  • linolenic 2.6%
  • arachidic 1.7%
  • eicosenoic 1.1%
  • behenic 4.3%
  • lignoceric 1.0%