Lactic Acid Exfo Pads 8%


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Simple, less aggressive form of Alpha-hydroxy Acid. This product works effectively by clearing away dead skin cells that have built up on the skin without the irritation some experience with the Glycolic Acid form of Alpha-Hydroxy Acid.

Method of Application
If you are new to acids, use this product every three days. In total, exfoliate no more than 3 to 4 times per week. Use on clean skin (these pads will also tone the skin). Swipe gently across the face using short strokes, then wait 20 minutes before using any other products. The acid will self neutralize and then you can continue with your routine.
The exception to the 20 minute wait rule is if the acids are very uncomfortable. If so, rinse immediately and build up a tolerance to the acids over about a month's time, increasing the length of time every few days. Acids, however, are not meant to be comfortable as they are a remodeling tool.

Due to the low pH of this product, it will not grow bacteria, therefore it does not require a preservative.

Lactic Acid Exfo Pads 8%

Customer Reviews

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Love the minimal ingredients

As someone with hyper-sensitive and hyper-reactive skin, it’s so hard to find any products I can use. The more ingredients, the more things I could react to! As such, I really appreciate- and am very grateful for- the minimal-ingredient exfoliant products that GoW makes- including these lactic acid pads. How happy I am that it’s only the exfoliant on its own! It really helps to eliminate any confusion or stress about the source of a reaction. Luckily with these pads, I experience minimal reaction(s). I use these 1x (once) per month. It helps to keep skin congestion at bay & my skin looking more bright and fresh.

Thank you so much!

Excellent skin exfoliant

I use these pads on my face, neck, elbows, and knees to help lighten and smooth them. This product is non-irritating and really does the job at lightening a variety of areas.

Thank you Alyssa :)

Pure goodness in a jar!

First time ordering thru GoW and I'm so happy that I did. These pads are Amazing! I regularly alternate between a lactic acid serum and glycolic serum in between my chemical peels but I wanted to replace since becoming more conscientious of the ingredients in my skincare routine. I love that there's no preservatives or filler ingredients in these pads. They're super easy to use (no rinsing after), are not irritating (Lactic Acid is great for sensitive skin), and I notice immediate results: my skin is soft and glowing after each use. Will be making these a staple in my skincare routine.

Thank you for your review! :)


These are super strong when it comes to exfoliation, and leave your skin so perfectly smooth and even! I love that these are just pure lactic acid with no other filler ingredients. Be sure to use these at nighttime, and wear sunscreen during the day if you use these - they will make your skin extra sensitive to skin (just like any exfoliant).

Thank you :)

Gentle and effective!

I use these once or twice a month when my face is looking a little congested or dull and they do the trick even on very sensitive skin. But mostly I love them as a substitute for deodorant! Sounds a little wild, but after developing a reaction to yet another natural, well formulated deodorant a friend suggested I try an acid instead. One of these pads swiped under my arms twice a week right after showering keeps me fresh with no irritation.

We're really glad you are loving this for your face :) Just wanted to mention we wouldn't suggest using this as a deodorant as it can upset the pH balance and irritate the skin long term.