Majik Anti-PopUp Blemish Gel


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Kiss zits, acne, blackheads and whiteheads away with our Majik Anti-PopUp Blemish Gel. A little of this pop-up fighting formulated blend of antibacterial, anti-inflammatory actives goes a long way.

Method of Application
Apply one to two times a day on clean skin during the water soluble phase of your routine (after you cleanse, tone, and exfoliate ... before you apply any oils, creams, and lotions) when pop-ups, zits, and acne is apparent.

Majik Anti-PopUp Blemish Gel

Customer Reviews

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Gentle but effective

I am a (roughly) 40 year old who still gets hormonal acne, and the over the counter acne stuff I used to rely on is now WAY too harsh for my aging skin. This stuff works wonders. It often takes care of blemishes with just one application over night. For really stubborn stuff, I might need a few applications, but it rarely ever develops into a giant, long lasting blemish. I love this stuff.

Great for my Cysts

I adore this truly Majik gel. When I feel one of those nasty cysts rearing it's ugly head, the tiniest dab obliterates it overnight. For me, it is drying if I try to just glob it on--less is more, maybe counterintuitively like a lot of things with acne (more scrubbing just makes it worse, harsher products too!). For that reason, one tiny bottle lasts for ages. I'm still on the same one from last fall!

This is underrated yet very effective product! Thank you for the review :)

Less acne and less drama!

If the cats got acne, they would use it too. It would probably work on them! It's really magic, I wish I had it when I was a teenager, I wouldn't have damaged my skin with benzoyl peroxide. The tween in our house uses it every day. Thank goodness for this product!! Much less drama in our house thanks to GOW.

Thank you Tracy! This was one of our original (and still) most popular acne serums!

Blake D.
Give this a try!

I have been using the Anti-blemish gel ... for two days. It really does work (I have used everything from store and derm). I was in a foul mood and took it out on my skin....PICKED!!!! I have very strange skin and almost never pick. If I pick at a blackhead or small clogged pore, there is a %90 chance it will turn into a huge lump that takes about two weeks to go away. I stupidly picked about 5 spots!!! Plus, a real cyst appeared on my chin. I get the type of cysts that never form a head and take a few weeks to go away.
I used just a small amount of product, twice a day on clean skin. The picked spots were %85 clear by morning and the real cyst actually formed a head and is almost gone. I carried on w/ my normal routine after applying the Gel.
B/c you use such a small amount, the bottle should last forever. The gel is like a thick Ha w/o a smell (I couldn't smell anything). It seemed gentle, it didn't burn or cause my skin to peel. I highly recommend trying this out.