Majik Azulene Cleanser


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A very basic and simple cleanser, our Majik Azulene Cleanser suds up gently, and is very soothing to troubled skin. Azulene is calming and an anti-inflammatory, while a combination of oils is healing and full of essential vitamins. Perfect for those experiencing skin issues they cannot pinpoint, or for those who need a simpler routine. Leaves skin healthy and glowing.

Two versions available: The Regular Formula and the Twice the Amount of Conditioner Formula (provides an extra boost of hydration)

Method of Application
Dispense about a dime to nickel size amount of cleanser into the palm of your hand, drip warm/hot water into your palm then rub hands together to emulsify. Pat into skin, wipe off gently with a wet, warm cotton or bamboo clean washcloth.
Do not massage into your skin. Only cleanse in the A.M. if necessary.

Majik Azulene Cleanser