Mandarin Red Pure Essential Oil



Garden of Wisdom's Mandarin Red Pure Essential Oil is used for its ability to support the respiratory and immune systems. It is known as the happy oil. It even sounds funny. Mandarin essential oil is used in a diffuser to help melt away grief and sadness during these rough emotional times. Red Mandarin essential oil has a lovely, sweet scent that is an amazing and uplifting a treat on the senses.

Properties fresh, rebalances, refines the texture of the skin, antiseptic, cell rejuvenator, antibacterial, anti-fungal, ability to block the intrusion of microbes

Botanical Name: Citrus deliciosa Tenore (C. reticulata)
Origin: Italy
Extraction Method: Cold pressed
Derived From: The Fruit
Facial Use: Up to 1%, Starting at .25%
Body Use: Up to 2% Strength

                Mandarin Red Pure Essential Oil