Mandelic Acid Pads 8%


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There are so many positive applications for mandelic acid. It is not perfect for all skin types, though. Used for blemish prone skin, melasma and to slough dead skin cells to encourage new cell growth as well as softening wrinkles, refining pores, regulating sebum production, etc. Our products are 100% clean without any cheap fillers.

Method of Application
Wipe pad gently over your skin after cleansing and before toning. Leave about 5 minutes before continuing with your routine.  We recommend only using exfoliants 2-3 x per week total.

We have two versions available of the Mandelic Acid 8% Pads: First option has added Zemea aka propanediol, which is a corn based, organic glycol. The second option does not have any added Zemea.

    Mandelic Acid Pads 8%