Mineral Oil White Cosmetic Grade


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Here at Garden of Wisdom there has been discussion on whether or not we condone the use of Mineral oil. It is our belief that mineral oil that is white and clean of impurities is acceptable to use on the skin, although it is not desirable. Mineral oil, as opposed to other natural oils, has no nutritive value for the skin. It does, however, act as a slipping agent and protective barrier. It is acceptable to use mineral oil in formulations for aging, delicate or barrier damaged skin, as the skin needs a protective barrier against certain environmental conditions and/or skin conditions. People with acne prone skin or small pores should not use this oil, as it has the potential to clog pores.

Shelf Life (long - considered very stable)
INCI - Mineral Oil

Our MINERAL OIL does NOT have mixed tocopherols in it.
Viscosity - 70

White defines that this oil has been refined and is clean of impurities. It does not indicate that the oil is actually "white". This oil is thin and clear.

Due to the fact that several customers have asked about cosmetic grade mineral oil, we have made the decision to offer this item.

Mineral Oil White Cosmetic Grade