Natural Majik Greenland Moss Hydrosol Gel


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Garden of Wisdom's Natural Majik Greenland Moss Hydrosol Gel is calming for irritated skin, while also a natural antiseptic. This hydrosol will help to eliminate acne and prevent any future blemishes.With a blend of Greenland Moss Hydrosol and Sandalwood Hydrosol, essential oil of Juniper berry, this hydrosol gel has an amazing woodsy and manly scent. Great for men, or women, who want a great hydrator without a flowery scent. 

Formulated in a liposome base, our Hydrosol Gels penetrate the epidermis more easily than other hydrators, while offering the properties of each hydrosol used. With a balance of corresponding essential oils formulated in a gel base, Hydrosol Gels restore water, nutrients and moisture back into the skin.

Method of Application
Apply a few drops of this serum on your clean finger tips, and smooth it across clean skin. Use during the water-soluble phase of your skin routine (after you cleanse, tone, and exfoliate, but before you apply any oils or creams).

Natural Majik Greenland Moss Hydrosol Gel