Neem Leaf Antibacterial Cream


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Product Information

Healing and gentle, this cream contains Manuka honey, neem leaf, vitamin E which all contain many antibacterial,  antimicrobial, anti-fungal properties that lend themselves to its healing and soothing properties.

Method of Application

Apply a pea sized to a dime sized amount, depending on what your skin needs, after the water soluble phase of your routine. Spritzing your face with spring water or a hydrosol will allow the cream to glide gently across your skin keeping away from the tugging and pulling adding this to dry skin can cause. This should be the final step in your skincare routine.

Formerly Known as Neem (not dream) Cream

List of Ingredients
  • Manuka Honey (infusion) Water we infuse our Manuka Honey into spring water creating a lovely base for this antibacterial cream, antimicrobial, bacteria inhibitor, healing
  • Neem Leaf Extract antibacterial, anti-fungal, antibacterial, moisturizing, anti-itch properties, addresses blemishes
  • Neem Oil antibacterial, anti-fungal, antiviral, conditioning, regenerative, restorative, antiseptic
  • Sugarmulse plant derived self-emulsifier that offers excellent stability and leaves the skin with a lovely texture
  • Vitamin E Oil helps to potentially neutralize free radical scavengers before they cause skin damage, antioxidant, encourages healthy skin cell membranes
  • Cosmocil CQ (Polyaminopropyl Biguanide) gentle preservative (does not contain parabens or formaldehyde releasers)
  • Essential Oil Blend Rosemary Verbone, Sweet Basil Leaf, Myrrh

Forum Feedback

I received my dream (not) neem cream 2 weeks ago and have been using it on my pimples.   I have to say that this is ABSOLUTELY the best cream for acne.  I had a pimple that was starting to come out and was quite big well i put it on the pimple and when i woke up the next morning my pimple was gone!  I was so surprised at this because i have tried so many products for acne and NOT one of them   EVER worked liked that.  This is no lie, i have never in my life have ever used a product that worked that quick!  I love this product! It is the best....Thanks Markey

I agree that the Dream [not] Neem Cream is something special. I've used it as a spot treatment on a few blemishes and also on redness caused by (shame on me!) do-it-yourself extractions. In both instances, the spots healed in record time. I really hope to be able to order a full size of this in the near future. :)

I can't sing the praises of this wonderful stuff loudly or often enough.  I attacked some zits on my forehead last weekend.  Less than a week ago now, actually.  I really made a mess of things and thought I would have some scars for awhile at least.  I started using straight neem oil and manuka honey on the spots the next day (phew!) and then started using the Dream (not) neem cream on them the day after.  The spots are now completely GONE!!  There's the faintest hint of a red spot, but that's it!!!  I don't even have to use concealer on them anymore.  I have NEVER had anything heal that quickly.  It's truly unbelievable.  I still have a couple spots from much smaller zits that I had months ago that haven't faded as much as these. I truly never want to be without this stuff.  I'm expecting a purge now from some exfoliation that I'm doing, but I'm not scared now that I have this amazing concoction!

Believe me this cream is truly the best cream for blemishes in my opinion.  It truly does work!  I too have ordered alot of GoW products i find that they are alot better then department store brands where i have spend hundreds of dollars that never worked......GoW products DO work and don't mind spending the money.  And though they are small in size they do last a good long time..."

"Hey guys, I want to start by saying thank you for your amazing products! My skin loves everything of yours I try!

I'm writing to tell you about one product that I think you should also list in the products for eczema. It's the GoW Neem (not dream) Cream. My 7 mo baby has been suffering from eczema for a few months now, and while we are trying to identify what's causing it, we've been using your eczema cream to help sooth the symptoms. When I ran out of your cream I used a oil combo I made (Shea butter, coconut oil, avacado oil) but my oil only made it worse. After reading more about eczema I learned that her eczema (the super agitated, weeping, red kind) needed to be dried out rather than covered in oil. So I tried a sea salt spray but that only made her itch like crazy. :( It was getting really bad- big red patches that must have been so uncomfortable for her.
The next day, someone overheard me talking about it, and mention how they had found relief with Neem oil for their baby's eczema. Later that day I noticed how the skin on my nose was getting dry (which is unusual, I have oily skin) and realized it must have been from the GoW Neem cream because I had increased using it lately, and I thought, the neem cream might dry out her eczema too, while also keeping it hydrated. So for one whole day I put it on her, probably about 6 or so times. The next morning, the redness was completely gone from her face and there was now dry patches that was starting to flake. It was like a miracle! After the second day with using the cream, her eczema is hardly noticeable. AMAZING!
I did more research about neem oil and eczema, and turns out it's pretty much a wonder cure for treating eczema symptoms. So, please add the GoW Neem (not dream) Cream to your eczema section so others with the agitated, weepy, red eczema can benefit from it too!" - Nadine C.

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