Oat Beta Glucans


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Oat Beta Glucans could have a role as a non-invasive alternative to Botox, the popular treatment to smooth out wrinkles by injecting botulinum into the muscle. It is believed that some parties already have research and development underway in this area.

In preliminary research, oat beta glucans are being studied for its potential immunomodulatory effects, anti-tumour properties, and stimulation of collagen deposition, tissue granulation, re-epithelization, and macrophage infiltration in the wound healing process.

Our Oat Beta Glucans are Gluten Free!
Topical Benefits
Natural product
Wound repair
Improved elasticity
Skin hydration
Decrease in wrinkles
Free radical scavenger
1% indicates the amount of beta glucan in the product. The base is water.  

INCI: Oat Beta Glucan
Purity: 1% Glucans, .7% Preservative, 98.3% Water
Physical Form: Light Brown Liquid
Melting Point: N/A
Applications: Topical
Usage Rate: Up to 10% (start at a .5% or lower)
Solubility: Water
Shelf Life: 2 Years
Other Ingredients by Concentration are: Preserved with 0.7% Preservative Blend (Phenoxethanol, Benzoic acid, Dehydroacetic acid, Ethylhexlglycerin)

Oat Beta Glucans