Pumpkin/Papaya Enzyme Mask


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Garden of Wisdom's Pumpkin/Papaya Enzyme Mask is a nutrient-rich exfoliator that can be used as a cleanser or a mask. It is wonderful to release dead skin cells while sweeping dirt from the pores and leaving the skin nourished and silky soft. Pumpkin and papaya are both gentle natural exfoliants. Rich in A, B, and C vitamins, the watermelon keeps the skin fresh and hydrated. Gentle enough for all skin profiles.

Method of Application
After cleansing, spread a thin layer of this product onto your skin, avoiding the eye area. Let the mask sit up for a limited time, perhaps 30 seconds up to 1 or 2 minutes. This will depend on the condition of your skin. Continue your daily routine as normal.

Pumpkin/Papaya Enzyme Mask

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Effective for sensitive skin but too messy for me

My skin profile is rosacea, sensitive, over 50 and this is effective and brightens my skin without irritating it. But I find it so clumpy and messy I hate to use it. If I'm wearing any clothing above the waist at all it flakes off and gets all in my clothes, and also all over the sink and counter. The clumps drop off and won't stay on my skin. I prefer the red wine and pineapple gel, it goes on smooth and stays put, and I think it does about an equivalent job.

Thank you for your honest review! :)
A suggestion would be to take some of it, and put it in your hand, and add a little water, or yoghurt or hydrosol or a serum or something like that, mix it around and then apply to your skin in a very thin layer. This may work better for you :) Reach out to us if you need further assistance with this product!


My absolute favorite GOW mask.
This mask is easy to use, is incredibly clarifying and leaves my skin feeling extremely pampered. My skin is then perfectly prepared for my GOW Es-Care-Go H2O Hydrating Serum and Passion Fruit Seed Oil. A perfect combo! Love it!

Thank you so much for your review! We really appreciate you taking the time!

Gentle exfoliation

This is my favorite mask ever. I love that it's all natural without any added fragrance or sensitizing ingredients. My skin is ridiculously sensitive and prone to dryness so it can be a challenge to exfoliate without irritating it. Well this mask does it perfectly! The only thing I would add is that it is a bit thick but mixing it with a few drops of water before applying fixes that right up. The smell isn't bad either IMO; it is a bit tart but nothing off putting.

We're so glad you are loving this product!

Hannah J
Love how this mask works, but

I love this mask for it's exfoliating action. I love that it has honest, pure, organic ingredients but you must not be opposed to the smell of the fermented papaya. It smells very vinegary.