Hydrolyzed Pearl Powder



Hydrolyzed Pearl Powder is used for formulations only. It is not smooth and silky enough for use in Mineral Make-up

INCI: Hydrolyzed Pearl
Purity: 31% Calcium, 56% Protein, 13% Amino Acids
Physical Form: White Powder (gritty, sticky consistency)
Melting Point: N/A
Applications: Topical
Usage Rate: Up to 30% (start at a .5% or lower)
Solubility: Water
Type of Pearl: Freshwater
Tyrosine Assay: 5.35-15.0 mg/100g
Size: Approximately 5 Microns

Recipe for Pearl Powder in a 2 ounce Cream Base
Scoop out about a Tbsp. of base cream
Add a tsp. of warm distilled water and an 1/8th tsp. of pearl powder
Dissolve well
Blend together and blend back into the base cream

Hydrolyzed Pearl Powder