Pomegranate Organic Co2 Ext


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Product Information

Pomegranate Co2 Extract contains all CO2-soluble lipohilic components. Pomegranate Seed is used in cosmetic products for promoting skin regeneration, stimulating self-repair mechanisms, improving skin elasticity, reducing wrinkles and as prophylaxis against aging skin, calming and healing properties in case of irritated, dry, sensible, allergic and itching skin. 

These are concentrated extracts. They have been created by extracting the oil via Supercritical Co2 extraction. This process creates a much stronger oil that is richer and very useful in skin care.

Solubility - Oils or Creams
Suggested Usage Rate - .1% up to 5%

Keep in mind this is a thick ingredient. You must be willing/able to work with this ingredient as it is challenging to work with!

Raw material: Punica granatum - seed, from ecol. farming (2092/91/EWG)  

Production: by supercritical fluid extraction with nat  

Yellow oil, stabilized with 0.05% Rosemary Antioxidant Extract (organic)  

INCI-Name: Punica Granatum Seed Extract (CO2)

CAS.-No. 84961-57-9,  EINECS-No. 284-646-0  

Ingredients: fatty oil with more than 60 % puninic acid (C18:3 w5), a valuable conjugated linolenic acid (CLNA). Furthermore the extract contains tocopherols, sterols and a small amount of squalene.  

Application: in dietary supplements because of the valuable 9c,11t,13c CLNA, which is related to the 9c,11t CLA (conjugated linoleic acid) and described to have cancer inhibiting and cardiovascular protecting properties, normalising lipid metabolism in case of obese and hyperlipidemic conditions.  

This product is 100 % natural, stabilized with a highly effective natural antioxidant, it contains no carriers and no other additives, is not reinforced, not blended, not formulated, not diluted. It conforms to the EC-regulation 88/388 and to the Codex Alimentarius definition of natural extracts.