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Before using a honey mask, it is important to apply a small amount of product on skin to test for sensitivity or allergies as honey is a naturally derived substance from plant nectar and may contain trace amounts of pollen.

Method of Application
First, give yourself 10 minutes to enjoy this beautiful, healing and relaxing mask. Apply a thin to medium layer of this mask to your face and neck. Let dry or remove when still moist. Remove product with a soft washcloth and tepid water.

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Shelf Life and Storage Information for Products and Ingredients

Finished products generally don't need to be refrigerated as they are preserved, but you can refrigerate them to extend shelf life. Shelf life is 9 - 12 months

Sample sizes do have a shorter shelf life (generally 3-6 months and items in jars can dry up quicker than this if the lid is not tightened well enough (except our vitamin C serums - use within 90 days).

Please try to keep out of high humidity or heat if possible! Store out of direct light and in dark cabinet if possible also!

Exfoliating Acid products will last 1 year.

The only thing we don't suggest refrigerating is the mandelic or salicylic acid serums as those can crystallize in the refrigerator and not go back to their normal state even if you warm them up.

Additional Items Requiring Refrigeration

Hydrosols - Take out 1/2 oz to 1 oz in a separate spray bottle from your original container and keep the larger bottle in the refrigerator!

Carrier Oils - Generally you can refrigerate ALL carrier oils, they will solidify in some cases. This is FINE all you have to do is take it out warm it up at room temp and it will be liquid again!
There are some oils that have a super long shelf life like coconut oil for instance! That does not need to be refrigerated, but it cannot hurt it either!

Essential Oils - Essential oils are best stored in a cool dark place.

Co2 Oils - These should always be refrigerated.

Butters - We suggest refrigerating our skincare butters. You can take out what you need and keep the rest in the fridge.

Essential oils - These can be refrigerated to increase their shelf life!

Clays - Keep in a dry, dark place (shelf life is at least 2 years)

Herbs - (whole or ground) These should last a good year at least - Keep in a dark, cool and dry location.

Herbal Extracts - [powder] Keep these also in a dark, DRY place. You can keep in the fridge, but make sure the seal is on very tight so you don't get moisture in. [1 year at least].

Herbal Extracts - [liquid] These can be kept in the refrigerator (or a dark DRY place] [3 years at least]

Other Various Raw Ingredients - i.e. Sodium PCA, Honeyquat, Iat Beta Glucan etc will all have a different shelf life (we are working on adding this to the ingredient pages.

Aloe Vera Gel (Organic) soothing, healing, inhibits some strains of bacteria

Freshly Ground Pink/Red Rose Petals (Organic) suitable for all skin types, especially valuable for dry, sensitive or aging skins, soothing, healing, anti-septic, anti-viral,  astringent, bactericidal

Rose Clay (True Rose Clay) Rose clay is rich in trace elements and excellent for sensitive skin, detoxification properties are excellent, rose clay is very gentle and does not draw oils from the skin

Kelp Granules

Zemea (propaniedol)

Hawaiian White Honey (Organic) moisturizing, hydrating, our supplier uses a cold, centrifugal, extraction process to get Rare Hawaiian Organic White Honey from the comb into the jar. This cold extraction process allows the naturally occurring enzymes to remain intact and active in the honey anti-septic, anti-viral, astringent,  bactericidal

Hyaluronic Acid Hyaluronic acid is a well researched and tested active, known for its ability to hold over 1,000 times its weight in water. This characteristic makes it one of the best hydrators a person can add to their skin care arsenal. Hyaluronic acid also protects skin with a light film barrier, while allowing it to breathe. It causes skin to appear more plump, fills in fine lines, and dries quickly without leaving a sticky  residue on the skin.

Leucidal SF is a probiotic based preservative created by the fermentation of Lactobacillus in a defined growth medium. Lactobacillus is one of the species of microorganisms used to produce fermented products such as sauerkraut and kimchi, a Korean dietary staple from cabbage. Like many members of the lactic acid bacteria family. Lactobacillus is capable of restricting the growth of other microorganisms by acidifying its environment. However, in addition to acidifying its environment, Lactobacillus also produces novel antimicrobial peptides, also known as bacteriocins, that are capable of providing broad spectrum antimicrobial protection.