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Rose Hip Fruit Co2 Extract


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Product Information

Rosehip CO2 Total, Bosnia
CO2 Extracts
Rosa canina
CO2 extraction
Fatty Acid Triglyceride

Dark red stabilized with Organic Rosemary Extract
INCI-Name: Calendula Officinalis Flower Extract [CO2 ], CAS-No. 84776-23-8,  

EINECS-No. 283-949-5 

Ingredients: Pentacyclic triterpene alcohols and triterpendiol monoesters including 17 - 25 % faradiol esters esterified with mainly myristic- and palmitic acids. Faradiol esters have a significant anti-inflammatory effect [3][4]. Other ingredients are sterols, carotenes and cuticular waxes.  

Application: In cosmetics and pharmaceuticals, for treatment of hurts, bruises and inflammations, for wound healing and increasing the granulation, for dry sensitive skin, in face creams, sun lotions, lipsticks, hair shampoos, bath additives.

Dosage: 0.1 - 0.3% 

This product is 100% natural. It is not blended, diluted or formulated. It contains no additives, no carriers, no antioxidants and no other technical adjuncts. It corresponds to the EC-regulation 88/388 for natural flavors.