Sinfully Rich Hand Cream


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Garden of Wisdom's Sinfully Rich Hand Cream is intensely moisturizing and has a cumulative effect over time. A blend of natural oils and ingredients helps to heal cracks on heels, elbows and knees. This non-greasy cream can be used anywhere on the body to keep skin soft and beautiful. Has a fresh orange scent.

Method of Application
Apply to hands and feet as desired as many times a day as needed

Markey's Personal Review
My hands are in and out of water, detergents, bleach, chemicals all day long. This cream has given me back my hands.  Although so many others we make always give me relief, this one has repaired my hands and softened them beyond anything I could have hoped for. We sent this as samples sometime ago although I didn't keep any for myself so when formulating this to offer to our customers I kept some to test. I am very proud to offer this to my customers.

This product was recently tested on a customer here in Prescott with an uncommon dilemma/skin condition called 'Ichthyosis Vulgaris'.  Along with the Exfo Lotion we offer and a follow up with this cream and the KP (keratosis pilaris) Serum, his skin has improved dramatically.

Sinfully Rich Hand Cream