Sinfully Rich Hand Cream


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Garden of Wisdom's Sinfully Rich Hand Cream is intensely moisturizing and has a cumulative effect over time. A blend of natural oils and ingredients helps to heal cracks on heels, elbows and knees. This non-greasy cream can be used anywhere on the body to keep skin soft and beautiful. Has a fresh orange scent.

Method of Application
Apply to hands and feet as desired as many times a day as needed

Markey's Personal Review
My hands are in and out of water, detergents, bleach, chemicals all day long. This cream has given me back my hands.  Although so many others we make always give me relief, this one has repaired my hands and softened them beyond anything I could have hoped for. We sent this as samples sometime ago although I didn't keep any for myself so when formulating this to offer to our customers I kept some to test. I am very proud to offer this to my customers.

This product was recently tested on a customer here in Prescott with an uncommon dilemma/skin condition called 'Ichthyosis Vulgaris'.  Along with the Exfo Lotion we offer and a follow up with this cream and the KP (keratosis pilaris) Serum, his skin has improved dramatically.

Shelf Life and Storage Information for Products and Ingredients

Finished products generally don't need to be refrigerated as they are preserved, but you can refrigerate them to extend shelf life. Shelf life is 9 - 12 months

Sample sizes do have a shorter shelf life (generally 3-6 months and items in jars can dry up quicker than this if the lid is not tightened well enough (except our vitamin C serums - use within 90 days).

Please try to keep out of high humidity or heat if possible! Store out of direct light and in dark cabinet if possible also!

Exfoliating Acid products will last 1 year.

The only thing we don't suggest refrigerating is the mandelic or salicylic acid serums as those can crystallize in the refrigerator and not go back to their normal state even if you warm them up.

Additional Items Requiring Refrigeration

Hydrosols - Take out 1/2 oz to 1 oz in a separate spray bottle from your original container and keep the larger bottle in the refrigerator!

Carrier Oils - Generally you can refrigerate ALL carrier oils, they will solidify in some cases. This is FINE all you have to do is take it out warm it up at room temp and it will be liquid again!
There are some oils that have a super long shelf life like coconut oil for instance! That does not need to be refrigerated, but it cannot hurt it either!

Essential Oils - Essential oils are best stored in a cool dark place.

Co2 Oils - These should always be refrigerated.

Butters - We suggest refrigerating our skincare butters. You can take out what you need and keep the rest in the fridge.

Essential oils - These can be refrigerated to increase their shelf life!

Clays - Keep in a dry, dark place (shelf life is at least 2 years)

Herbs - (whole or ground) These should last a good year at least - Keep in a dark, cool and dry location.

Herbal Extracts - [powder] Keep these also in a dark, DRY place. You can keep in the fridge, but make sure the seal is on very tight so you don't get moisture in. [1 year at least].

Herbal Extracts - [liquid] These can be kept in the refrigerator (or a dark DRY place] [3 years at least]

Other Various Raw Ingredients - i.e. Sodium PCA, Honeyquat, Iat Beta Glucan etc will all have a different shelf life (we are working on adding this to the ingredient pages.

Spring Water hydrating, solvent

Aloes Ferox attracts water and traps it to the skin, skin hydration, high in polysaccharides, plumping and moisturizing, anti-inflammatory

Black Seed Oil very healing, soothes eczema, psoriasis, and dry skin

Sunflower Seed Oil emollient, conditioning, nourishing

Polawax NF emulsifier

Hyaluronic Acid hydrates, holds up to 1,000 times its weight in water

Anemarrhena Asphodeloides Root Extract skin plumping

Glycoproteins aids in the cellular repair process, boosts the skin's oxygen content, increases the energy level of skin cells by enhancing the production of, energy-rich adenosine triphosphate (ATP), high in polysaccharides which allows for extra hydration to the skin

Emollient Esters emollient

Seabuckthorn Seed Oil reduces redness, very healing, restoring, addresses rosacea

Galactoarabinan (polysaccharide) humectant, helps to stop transepidermal water loss, binds moisture to skin

Glycerin humectant, vegetable derived, draws moisture out of the air to skin when applied topically

Allantoin derived from the comfrey root, relieves dry, itchy, irritated skin, believed to heal skin by promoting new tissue growth

Optiphen (Phenoxyethanol and Caprylyl Glycol) paraben free, broad spectrum preservative

Orange Pure Essential Oil very high in Vitamin C, helps to protect skin, antibacterial