Some Kind of Glow Wonderful Detoxifying Serum


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Garden of Wisdom's Some Kind of Glow Wonderful Detoxifying Serum is for all skin types that need a little boost. When toxins and impurities build up within the layers of our epidermis, our skin becomes dull, gummy and oftentimes exhibits signs of blemishes and in worse case scenarios, full on breakouts. This formula will help to detox the skin, allowing it to be radiant, glowing, and revert back to its natural beauty.

This serum also addresses bacterial and fungal issues, helps to discourage hair growth, and aids in the maintaining of skin elasticity. It may also address collagen damage in the skin due to UVB absorption, and may inhibit wrinkle formation due to UVB absorption.

Two versions available: The Regular Formula and the Gentle Formula. The Gentle Formula is if you're looking for a more gentle exfoliation.

Method of Application
Put a few drops of this serum on your clean fingertips, and smooth it across clean skin. Use during the water soluble phase of your skin routine (after you cleanse, tone, and exfoliate before you apply any oils or creams).
Suggested Usage Rate
For maximum effect, use twice a day for two weeks, taking a break from it at least one day each week. Use twice a week thereafter as maintenance.

Some Kind of Glow Wonderful Detoxifying Serum