Squalane Oil


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Garden of Wisdom's Squalane Oil is naturally produced by the skin, but some of us have trouble producing enough for healthy skin. Our Squalane Oil is derived from olive oil, and is a great natural substitute. It is highly compatible with skin, and it quickly and deeply absorbed with out leaving an oily film or residue. It helps to condition skin and trap moisture to it. Squalane Oil leaves a protective barrier on the skin, helping to keep it safe from harmful pollutants. This oil is healing and boosts cellular regeneration, and will help to repair damage such as chapped or cracked skin. Squalane also helps to soften rough skin. This oil has natural anti-bacterial properties.

Properties highly skin compatible, quickly and deeply absorbed into the skin, conditions, protects skin, healing, softening, anti-bacterial, boosts cellular regeneration

    Origin: USA
    Extraction Method: Catalytic Hydrogenation of Squalene (in this form it is not stable) to Squalane Derived from Olive Oil
    Color: Clear
    Derived From: Olive Oil
    Contains: At least 92% Squalane
    Base Oil: Can be used up to 100% strength
    Shelf Life: 2 years

    Squalane Oil