Tamanu Oil Organic Unrefined Version


SKU: CO-181

Also known as Dilo Oil or Foraha Oil
We have 2 versions of this
BOTH are Organic
We have one unrefined and we have one that is gently refined
(somewhat filtered) for those that find the original too rich.
Shelf Life 1 year

Tamanu oil is emollient and will help to prevent dehydration of the skin. It helps to soften rough skin, as well as repair and regenerate cells and skin that have been damaged. A natural analgesic, this oil is great around delicate tissue. Tamanu oil is extremely high in essential fatty acids, making it very nourishing.

Properties Emollient, Regenerative, Great around delicate tissue, Analgesic, Softening

Botanical Name:  Calophyllum inophyllum
Origin: Madagascar
Extraction Method: Hand Harvested / Cold Pressed
Color: Dark / Medium green
Derived From: The dried fruit / nut
Contains: Extremely high proportion of essential fatty acids
Base Oil: Can be used up to 100% strength
Shelf Life: 1 year

Fatty Acid Composition 

Oleic Acid 49%
Linoleic Acid 21.3%
Palmitic Acid 14.7%
Stearic Acid 12.6%
Myristic Acid 2.5% C14:0
Alpha-Linolenic Acid <0.5%
Eicosanoic Acid 0.94% C20:1
Calophyllic Acid (unique to this oil)