Tucuma Seed Oil


SKU: CO-564

Properties conditioning, high levels of Vitamins A, B-1, and C, high in omega 3, 6, and 9, rich in beta-carotene (hence the red color)

Botanical Name:  Astrocaryum vulgare, Arecaceae
Origin: Brazil / Wild Harvested (NO pesticides used)
Extraction Method: Cold pressed / Unrefined
Color: Red (solidifies under cold temperatures)
Derived From: Seed
Smell: Earthy and Sweet
Base Oil: Can be used up to 10% strength (rich, takes time to absorb)
Shelf Life: Up to one year and kept refrigerated will stay fresh up to 24 months


Fatty Acid Profile

  • oleic- 65.67
  • palmitic- 25.7
  • linoleic- 3.65
  • linolenic- 4.97