Yarrow Blossom Healing and Hydrating Mist


SKU: HM-35

Product Information

Hydration. Hydrating. Hydrate. What do these really mean? Hydration is the process of replacing water back into the skin also known as TWL or transepidermal water loss. Hydration loss is usually although not always caused from evaporation. When our skin becomes dehydrated we will start noticing tightness of the skin and a more noticeable gathering of fine lines and wrinkles. Also, when we are using harsh ingredients or products for an extended period of time, this will contribute to dry, irritated, dehydrated and in general unhappy skin. So, hydrate from the inside out as much as possible and spritz your skin all day long if needed. GoW offers a plethora of hydrating methods.

Product Information

This product was designed for a customer that wanted an amped up version of the Yarrow Hydrosol which we often do suggest for our Rosacea and Sensitive Skin Customers. Allantoin and Aloe Juice further calm the skin.

Method of Application

Spritz this hydrating mist on your face, neck and decollette area after cleansing your skin and throughout the day as desired.

List of Ingredients

  • Aloe Vera Juice (Organic) soothing, healing, inhibits growth of some bacteria,  anti-inflammatory
  • Yarrow Blossom Hydrosol anti-inflammatory, skin regenerating properties,  antibacterial, antiseptic
  • Spring Water hydrating
  • Allantoin Powder relieves dry, itchy, irritated skin, believed to heal skin by promoting new tissue growth
  • Cosmocil CQ (Polyaminopropyl Biguanide) preservative that is very gentle and does not contain parabens or formaldehyde releasers