Yarrow Blossom Healing and Hydrating Mist


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Hydration. Hydrating. Hydrate. What do these really mean? Hydration is replacing water back into the skin also known as TWL or transepidermal water loss. Hydration loss is usually although not always caused by evaporation. When our skin becomes dehydrated we will start noticing tightness of the skin and a more noticeable gathering of fine lines and wrinkles. Also, using harsh ingredients or products for an extended period of time will contribute to dry, irritated, dehydrated, and generally unhappy skin. So, hydrate from the inside out as much as possible and spritz your skin all day long if needed. Garden of Wisdom offers a plethora of hydrating methods.

This product was designed for a customer that wanted an amped-up version of the Yarrow Hydrosol which we often do suggest for our Rosacea and Sensitive Skin Customers. Allantoin and Aloe Juice further calm the skin.

Method of Application
Spritz this hydrating mist on your face, neck and decollette area after cleansing your skin and throughout the day as desired.

Yarrow Blossom Healing and Hydrating Mist

Customer Reviews

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One I keep repurchasing

I’ve been using this spray for years. It calms irritation and hydrates without clogging pores. The ingredients are amazing and I love how there are no unnecessary ingredients added.

Thank you so much for your review! We're so glad this has been a mainstay for so long!

Soothing and reliable

I can rely on my dry, dehydrated, somewhat sensitive skin not to react to this product. It is soothing and gentle. I don't remember it having any, or much of any, scent. I've been out of it for awhile but I plan to repurchase this one to use as a toner.

We're so glad that your skin likes this product! Thank you :)

Andrea S
I'll keep using this one

Updated review:
Been using Yarrow Blossom Healing and Hydrating Mist since July. I've tried a few GOW mists and all have been great. But when I found Yarrow Blossom, I was hooked and quickly graduated from the one ounce size to the sixteen ounce size. My dermatologist, said that my rosacea has improved to the point that she barely detected any redness. Plan to keep using Yarrow Blossom Healing and Hydrating Mist as part of my Garden of Wisdom skin care routine.

Thank you so much for updating your review! We are so glad that they are working!

Andrea S

The scent is lovely. And so soothing to my face. I apply it with my morning and evening routine as well as throughout the day.

So glad you are loving this! Great for sensitive skin :)

Soothing and refreshing

This was recommended to me by GoW along with a few other products to help with my inflamed rosacea skin. I have always loved it. I've experimented with some others but for some reason this is the one that my skin loves the most. When it fits, it fits and GoW's instincts were spot on with this one. It makes my skin feel calm and refreshed. Whenever I use it, I feel a resounding "YES". :)

So glad you are loving this! Thank you for the review :)