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  1. Don't leave droppers in your Carrier Oils, Oil Blends, or Essential Oils for that matter. The rubber will get eaten by the oil over time. We do offer glass droppers with most of our Carrier Oils at the moment, but we will be phasing these out. Pipettes can be purchased separately for your formulating needs. Drop us an email for more details!
  2. Most of our Carrier Oils are either Unrefined or Expeller Pressed. This causes the oil to have solidified/cloudy oil (fatty acids) that float in the product. This is normal and natural. :) The colder the oil - the more likely this will be the case.
  3. If you have not used an oil in a while.. the very top of the thread around the lid can smell rancid while the oil inside can be 100% fine. Wipe off the top of the bottle with a paper towel and alcohol to get this residue off.
  4. Carrier Oils can have different colors, scents and thickness. These can also vary from batch to batch due to different growing seasons. We try to stick to the same suppliers so we can keep it as consistent as possible. That said, our suppliers can also have different raw material that they make the oils with. Please keep this in mind when purchasing our oils.
  5. Jars - make sure to close them all the way when not in use or the product can dry out.
  6. Natural Product scent can change over time. This is also normal. Some of our products use a fermentation of Lactobacillus as a preservative. (Leucidal SF) or Coconut Amticide (also a fermentation based preservative) These products can develop a fermented smell over time. This is normal. If in doubt, email us. :)
  7. It is best not to use fingers in our creams. We offer spatula's with our creams.
  8. For best shelf life Hydrosols and Oils should be kept in the refrigerator - We suggest taking out only what you are currently using. For example - Keep a 1 oz Hydrosol out on your counter while the "backup" amount is refrigerated. :)
  9. Eyelash Conditioner - This uses Natural Castor Oil and Sapolo Oil which both can cause a solidified/cloudiness in the container. This is normal. :)
  10. Some oils that are thicker (including many of our Co2's) will not pour out of bottles and will need to be gently heated in a warm water bath or scooped out with an appropriate tool then incorporated into your formulas.
  11. Our Carrier Oils, Co2 Oils, Essential Oils, Clays and everything in our Ingredients Section are considered Ingredients to formulate with. We sell these ingredients as is. They are not finished ingredients. We provide as much information as we can about each of these ingredients to use in your formulations - but if you have specific questions - do not hesitate to reach out to us via email :) We are happy to point you in the right direction!
  12. Our Finished Products are concentrated. You will often use less than you think you would need. :)
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