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In this article, we are going to discuss solidification in oils as well as what we call Fatty Acid "Floaters"
With so many carrier oils to choose from these days and so many variables - we wanted to address something that may not be so obvious to many new to purchasing carrier oils from a supplier with so many options.
Generally, when you walk into a health food store you will find typical oil colors to be clear, to light gold or gold, but there are so many more oils out there with varying colors and thicknesses that we wanted to share information that can be useful to help aid in the understanding in the whole world of carrier oils. Most of the oils in health food stores (at least at this time) are refined meaning they can standardize the way they look.
We prefer cold pressed/unrefined oils in general and only offer a few refined oils. The raw material that the oil is extracted from can also vary from growing season to growing season and can be very different even from different suppliers (different farms or growing areas) This can cause a change in colors even from batch to batch when we replenish our stock. Natural ingredients are not standardized but the oil profile itself will usually stay within a specific range due to the kind of material it is. This means that although the growing material can be different in color, and thickness that it usually performs the same or pretty close to - the same function. Keep this in mind when purchasing new oils - or if you have not purchased an oil from us in a while. We have samples for this reason.

Note: Below is a series of photographs showing the different variables when it comes to solidification and Fatty Acid "Floaters" in oils.
Notice with each one of these oils they really have varying ways of separating. We have so many oils that do this, and it is always so very curious to see the different ways they separate as they solidify in colder temperatures.
This is an example of a very solid oil.

This is an example of another fairly solid oil.

This one is semi solid with some less solid oil at the top.

This one has "Fatty Acid Floaters" that have separated into clumps.

This is an example of another fairly solid oil.

This one is semi solid with some less solid oil at the top.
Note: Our previous Neem has been much more brown/green than this and not as clear. It had been much more thick. This can vary by batch.

This is an example of an oil where the fatty acid has separated into flakes (vs clumpy or solid)
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