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In general, people can have a tendency to use too much product. Our products are concentrated, so use less than you think is necessary!

Cleansers - we generally suggest using between 1/8th tsp to 1/4th tsp of cleanser though you can adjust it to your own skin needs. Usually applied to wet skin.
All of our cleansers work best with a wet warm washcloth (bamboo or cotton are best) Please use a fresh cloth for each routine.

Tonics - you’ll want to use enough to wet your skin thoroughly or wet the pad enough to wipe your skin with it. If you use the tonic on a cotton pad, it helps with gentle exfoliation without overdoing it.

Serums - 1/16th tsp to 1/4th tsp depending on how much your skin needs.

Oils - use between 1 – 4 drops of oil generally or 1/16th tsp butter or butter blend. Can also be mixed with your hydrating serum to make a moisturizer right in the palm of your hand without the waxes.

Moisturizers - use 1/16th tsp to 1/4th tsp (vary to your own liking)

Masks - always use less than you think! You don't need a thick layer! In fact, this can make it harder to get off.

Read a more in-depth description here about application methods
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