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If you are considering the addition of a new product to your routine, we encourage you to first purchase the sample size before purchasing the full size. Skin compatibility will be solely at your discretion, therefore it's best to invest in the sample size to allow for possible skin sensitivities, allergic reactions, etc.
We cannot take product back if it doesn't work for you so we encourage samples! :)
Samples are considered the smallest size of any product. For example, of the 1 oz and 4 oz Hydrating Mists we offer, the 1 oz is the sample size, and since our serums are offered as either .25 oz or 1 oz, the .25 oz is the sample size. If you are unsure, please don't hesitate to contact us! :)
Samples are more time consuming and costly to put together, but we still try to keep the cost as low as we can on them so that you can sample before trying full sizes.
Thank you for understanding!
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