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Self Love - Do you make it a Priority?
Many of us have a well developed habit of taking care of everyone else before ourselves. We can even indulge, in meeting others needs, at the expense of our own. When we are not taking care of ourselves, we're burning the candle at both ends. We go hard core with our energy, depleting ourselves.
How can we properly support anyone else when we are not running at full capacity ourselves?
Here are some ways to do Self Care -
  • Take breaks through the day - So many of us plow through our whole days without taking any breaks at all. Even 5 minutes to just let go and detox your mind from the clutter of the day can really help.
  • Take baths - add in your Favorite Essential Oils and Epsom salt to help detox!
  • Keep Hydrated! Drink Water!
  • Get enough sleep!
  • Eat Well
  • Learn to Say No to what you know you can't handle - find ways to set healthy boundaries
  • Do things you enjoy - Read, Yoga, Walk, Play, Watch your favorite TV show, Listen to your Favorite Music. Get up, move around!
  • Get outside in nature - enjoy your surroundings and Just be present!
  • Meditate - there are more and more studies these days showing the benefits of meditation.

  • The app Headspace has great meditations and exercises!
  • Get a Massage
There are tons of ways to do Self Care - find a way that works best for you!
You can find tons of ideas online for Self Care :)
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