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Skin Series - Malassezia (Formerly known as Pityrosporum)
by Jennifer Flanagan
This might surprise many, but we have a bit of a different theory about why malassezia is so prevalent in skin conditions.
This is similar to our opinion on Rosacea and rosacea mites.
As well as Acne and acnes bacteria.
And similar to why gut microbiome gets out of control as well. (why people get SIBO and IBS and other gut conditions)
We have been dealing with Malassezia for many years and have a lot of success helping our customers with this skin issue.
What is Malassezia?
Malassezia a type of fungus that is naturally present in skin microbiome, though it can get out of balance and overgrow on our skin. There are many species of Malassezia.
When there is an overgrowth of this fungi, it can cause inflammation within the pore and on the skin causing all sorts of skin issues. Like Folliculitis, Fungal Acne, and Seborrheic Dermatitis, for example.
Malassezia, already naturally feeds on sebum, the lipids in our skin. In fact, when it is in balance​, it ​can help our skin. It can (and usually does) live in symbiosis. Malassezia is present in 90% of the population.
The main reason that many of these skin care conditions can occur has to do with the skin care we're using on our skin to begin with.It can also be an internal issue (if the health of the body is affecting the skin) For example in autoimmune diseases, or if the liver is not functioning well. ​Stress can also play a big factor in the overall picture.
When too harsh of skin care is being used (for example sudsy, soapy stripping cleansers or toners, acids and exfoliants, solvents and irritating fillers) We have seen this come on from facial peels, and certain skin laser treatments. The Malassezia starts to grow out of control because we're stripping their food source away, causing them to strive to stay alive. Alternatively this can happen because of compromising the skin from skin treatments causing the Malassezia to have an environment to thrive in. Therefore, the Malassezia will show as abundant when the skin is scraped to be tested. Our microbiome is so important. It is meant to be in balance with our skin! (and bodies!)
So many in the skin care world are avoiding GOOD, healthy skin oils due to Malassezia because the common idea is to avoid oils at all costs.
The key is to use gentle skin care, that does not strip your skin. Effective (yet gentle) antifungals, and the RIGHT oil for you, if needed. There are certainly many oils that will seem to contribute but this is more the case of the oil itself clogging the pore. Oils are not always needed; this depends on the rest of what is going on with the skin at the time.
We would love to help you with this skin issue, just reach out! :)
Email us to get personalized suggestions if you are dealing with this issue!
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