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Spotlight on Fermentation - Part 1
Quite simply put - fermented ingredients are amazing for the skin!
Fermentation makes ingredients more bio-available - to be used by the skin in much more effective ways. Fermentation will make these ingredients absorb into your skin at greater capacity - rendering them much more effective for the purpose of the ingredient in the product.
We have many fermented ingredients in our skin care - though our star fermentation combination is our natural preservative blend Leucidal SF (Lactobacillus Ferment) and Coconut AMTicide (Lactobacillus (and) Cocos Nucifera (Coconut) Fruit Extract)
These two ingredients continue to ferment in the product. Like many members of the lactic acid bacteria family, Lactobacillus is capable of restricting the growth of other microorganisms by acidifying its environment. However, Lactobacillus also produces novel antimicrobial peptides known as bacteriocins that are capable of providing effective protection against bacteria.
Coconut AMTicide acts as an anti-fungal. During the fermentation process, lipopeptides are metabolized by the MCT’s present in coconut flesh creating an antimicrobial peptide.
We also use Sea Kelp Bioferment, Oat Fermentation, Black Garlic Ferment, and various vinegars like Red Wine, Coconut and Brown Rice!
Green Tea is also an ingredient that will naturally ferment in products. This can often contribute to color change in products if there is a high enough concentration of Green Tea in the product! We often get questions about this. This is very normal!
Tune in next week for Part 2 as we elaborate on more ways that fermentation is amazing for skin!
We will also discuss in Part 3 how fermentation can effect color AND smell in products!
Thank you so much for reading!
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