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Spotlight on Fermentation - Part 2
We talked last week about how fermented ingredients, and fermentation in general is amazing for the skin. Fermentation makes ingredients more bio-available, making them absorb into your skin and causing them to be more effective in our skin care product.
Our skin has a natural ecosystem and microbiome which can become damaged over time. Some of the same probiotics that we eat can be helpful in skin care too! Adding fermented ingredients into our skin care can help recover our ecosystem & microbiome!
This week we will answer the most common questions about fermentation in skin care and go more into the why's and the what's :)
Why does fermenting ingredients make them more bio-available?
Fermentation of an ingredient creates a smaller molecule size which makes it more bio-available to the skin. This process also releases beneficial amino acids and forms natural peptides that can be used by the skin to help repair the skin in so many different ways. Basically, fermentation of various ingredients like fruits, vegetables, grains and herbs break them down into basic building blocks (amino acids and peptides) which can then be utilized by the skin to help repair, which allows the skin to fall more into it's natural state of healthy skin cell production. This stimulates the skin's natural ability to regulate the skin processes that help with strengthening the skin - increasing hydration and keeping other harmful bacteria, yeasts and fungus away.
How do fermented ingredients in skin care relate to using probiotics?
Just as we use probiotics like yoghurt, kefir and kombucha for our gut health to help digest the food and drink that we ingest - fermented ingredients used topically help the skin "digest" or process and utilize vitamins, antioxidants, amino acids, peptides and nutrients in a way they were not able to do so thoroughly before.
Can fermented ingredients help co-support other ingredients in the formula?
Yes, they sure can! And do! :) When you have fermented ingredients in a formula, fermentation continues - rendering the other ingredients in the formula more bio-available too! It helps these other ingredients penetrate the skin more easily allowing the skin eco-system utilize these components to help repair the skin in so many ways.
Does fermentation help with anti-aging, collagen building, calming inflammation, acne and brightening?
Indeed! Fermentation turns regular ingredients into powerhouse building blocks [amino acids and peptides] - and we see so many benefits from this. By utilizing these ingredients, we are already helping to rebuild our skin's ecosystem and microbiome. Rebuilding this important process alone can help so much. It is like a kickstart to the system. The skin ecosystem can then use these building blocks to repair damage to the skin. This allows for softening of fine lines, building collagen naturally, calming any inflammation that is taking place, and helping to support the skin so that acnes bacteria does not go out of control. It helps prevent aging, by stopping the processes that create aging to begin with. Fermentation also releases natural acids and enzymes that help naturally brighten the skin. This all works together to create younger looking, smoother, healthier, glowing & happy skin!
What fermented ingredients do we use in our skin care line?
Leucidal SF [Lactobacillus]
Coconut AMTicide [Coconut Fruit Extract & Lactobacillus]
Black Garlic Fermentation
Tamarind Fermentation
Lemon Peel Bioferment
Green Tea (continues to ferment naturally)
Rooibos (Green & Red! continues to ferment naturally)
Sea Kelp Bioferment
Oat Bioferment (also known as Fermented Oat Extract)
Fermented Pomegranate
and we are adding more all the time!!
Can fermented ingredients act as a natural preservative?
You bet they can! This is why we use Leucidal SF [Lactobacillus] and Coconut AMTicide [Coconut Fruit Extract and Lactobacillus] Other fermented ingredients can also lend to natural preservation in the formula. This can help us avoid other harmful preservatives in skin care that can actually damage our microbiome.
Now that we have a better understanding of why fermented ingredients can enhance our skin care routine in phenomenal ways, we will discuss next week in part 3 - how fermentation can effect smell and color in products. We will also list some of our most popular products with these ingredients!
Thank you so much for reading!
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