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The Biggest Causes of Acne
by Jen Flanagan

1. Usually starts in teens.. generally because of the oil glands being in over production and smaller pores. This is often because it starts off hormonally, then people try to stop the oil production by cleansing with strong soaps/cleansers but this only makes things worse.

2. Cleansers being too strong causes skin to dry out on surface making it harder for gunk to get out of the skin.. increases oil production in the pores causing pores to get clogged causing irritation and acne bacteria to go out of control.

3. Moisturizers - the typical understanding that is thrown around out there is that it is the oils in the moisturizers that cause the problem. This is not really the case. It is actually the emulsifiers and waxes that create the moisturizer to begin with that get into the pores and can't get back out causing the pores to be clogged and irritated. This almost always shows up in the chin, cheek and jawline but sometimes forehead as well.

4. Picking at the blackheads/bumps/spots that are already there. This makes them worse/more red/more irritated and spreads the bacteria. It pushes gunk further into the pores, sometimes collapsing the pore wall causing clusters of inflamed acne.

5. Harsh Acne products!! This is a big one. This causes the acne bacteria to gain a
resistance which causes it to only get worse. They also often dry skin out causing
irritation, dryness and sensitivity.

6. As if this wasn’t bad enough as it is.. Some women have perfect skin when they are younger, only to have acne show in their late 20’s, 30’s or even 50’s! This is almost always caused by a hormonal flux, OR from adding a moisturizer to their routine because their skin started to get dry (This leads back to moisturizers being clogged)

As people age and continue using the harsh cleansers, harsh acne treatments skin becomes combination - oily/dehydrated.. later turning to dry. In between skin can also get irritated and lead to sensitive skin and then rosacea if this cycle continues.

So as you can see using harsh cleansers leads to drier skin which leads to using
moisturizers which cause skin to get clogged up (blackheads, whiteheads and acne spots) which only creates a catch 22 cycle.
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