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 Top 11 Acne Products + Bonus Emergency Tips!!

B3/B5 Duality Serum
Blemish  Prone Treatment Serum
Sulfur Clearing Serum
Simply Tea Tree Serum
Azelaic 8% Serum
Pre-Emptive Strike
Pro-Pre Biotic Skin Protectant

Also try these spot treatments!!
Intense Spot Treatment
Majik Anti Pop up Blemish Gel
Pimple Punisher

Emergency Bonus Tips!! Do you have a cystic acne spot that just popped up and you have an event to go to or you just want that sucker to go down quick?  Try some of these tips!

  •     Take one of our Spot Treatments and mix with your favorite clay (Green, Rhassoul or Kaolin) and dab on your acne spot
  •     Apply our .5% or 1% Resurface Serum on your acne spot
  •     Ice your pimple spot! This can bring down inflammation
  •     Apply a cold compress with Green Tea (also helps inflammation)
  •     Apply a hydro-colloid bandage
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