Calendula Petal Powder, Organic



Product Information

Calendula Blossom Petals are from the family of Asteracene. This vibrant yellow petal as well as the whole flower itself has been used topically, medicinally and used to color various foods in Mediterranean countries since the 1100's.  

Calendula Petals are used as an infusion, tincture, in creams, lotions, salves and many times as a tea. Used to soothe inflammation and chapping of the skin. An interesting fact is that when grown the flowers open in the morning and close in the late afternoon.  

Botanical Name:  Calendula officinalis 

Country of Origin:  Egypt 

Plant Part Used:  flower petals finely ground 

Suggested Usage Rate:  up to user’s discretion 

Properties: anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, astringent, antifungal 

Solubility:  will not dissolve but can be made into a solution whether with water (like a tea) or alcohol and many times glycerin and then possibly used in product manufacturing 

Storage Recommendation:  we recommend storage in an airtight container, zip lock bag if container not accessible but always store in a cool, dark environment or freezer to preserve freshness and potency. 

Due to insurance and FDA regulations, we are not able to suggest specific dosage information. We will not answer questions or make suggestions pertaining to any type of medical or healthcare.