Teen Skin Care Kit ( Oily Skin Profile) (5-piece)

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Dealing with acne during your teenage years can be challenging, but with a proper skincare routine and some helpful tips, you can effectively manage it.
Acne can be challenging to clear up because it is a complex condition influenced by various factors. Here are a few reasons why acne can be difficult to treat and some strategies that may help:

Remember, what works for one person may not work for another, so it may take some trial and error to find the most effective treatment approach. Patience and consistency in following a prescribed treatment plan are key when managing acne.

Remember, consistency is key when it comes to skincare. Stick to your routine, be patient, and don't expect overnight results. With time and the right approach, you can improve the condition of your skin and manage acne effectively.

Some Thoughts and Helpful Tips:

1.  Cleansing but with a gentle to help skin not have the desire to produce continually
     oil (use cleansing oil to remove makeup)
2.  Exfoliating but again with a gentle exfoliant and only once per week  
3.  Clarifying Tonic to remove any cleanser residue and to prep skin for hydration
4.  Use a gentle but effective hydrating serum and/or
     a second hydrator as well
5.  Keep your hands off your face. This is a hard habit
     to break but you can do it!
6.  Maintain a well balanced diet, drink plenty of water,
     and get plenty of sleep. The three most favorite
     teenage (and adult) challenges, but it works.
7.  Be mindful of any skincare product that contains
     harsh ingredients that will strip the skin of its
     natural oils. It's important to feed your skin
     nutritional ingredients and to stay away from SLS,
     harsh exfoliants, acids, alcohol, fragrances, and
     sunscreen that contains potentially harmful ingredients.
8.  DO use sunscreens made with minerals such as zinc and
     titanium dioxide.

What Your Kit Will Include:
         Your kit will come with a full set of instructions :)
1.  Jen's Gentle Green Tea Shea Cleanser
     CL-50  (1 ounce)
2.  Fall Into My Pumpkin Cleanser  CL-91  (.65 ounce)
.  CoCoCucumber Clarifying Tonic  CT-16   (1 ounce)
4.  Ceramide Hydrating Complex Serum 
     HAS-32  (.25 ounce)
5.  Lemon Balm Hydrosol Gel   HG-15  (.5 ounce)

Teen Skin Care Kit ( Oily Skin Profile) (5-piece)