Caviar Rich Serum


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No snails are hurt in this process. We have created a rich and hydrating serum that is packed full of caviar extract, quinoa extract, and more! You will find this lovely serum to be hydrating, anti-aging, and brightening.

NOTE: since we don't automatically add essential oil to mask the Caviar and the Marine Collagen in this serum, you can drop us a note to gently add a bit of scent to mask the odorous smell.

Method of Application
Apply 6-8 drops of this serum to moist skin, in an upward motion. This can also be layered with other serums or the cream of your choice.

Two examples of other companies' pricing and ingredients, including the caviar extract:  

Skin Caviar Luxe Cream  50 ml (almost 2 ounces) $390.00

Pevonia Timeless Serum  1 ounce  $179.50

Caviar Rich Serum