Ceramide Hydrating Complex Serum (Scented)


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Bringing the best of both worlds together with Ceramides and Liposomes to help hydrate and nourish your skin. Skin ceramides make up 50% of the lipids in the extracellular "cement" that binds together protective cells in the outermost skin layer, the stratum corneum. Loss of skin ceramides renders aging skin permeable to moisture, leaving skin dry, rough, and itchy. Ceramide loss is also a major contributor to wrinkles.

*Due to this product using our Ceramides which are created via plants and fermentation - it can continue to ferment which lends itself to a fermentation scent. 
This is a scented version of this serum to help with this :)

If you would like to order the unscented version of this as a custom, email us :)

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           Method of Application

Apply 6-10 drops of this serum to moist skin (both your face and neck). Let dry and move to the next step in your routine.

Ceramide Hydrating Complex Serum (Scented)