CoCoLemongrass Clarifying Tonic


SKU: CT-11

Product Information

Using coconut vinegar, this toner will return the pH of the skin back to a balanced state. Lemongrass hydrosol hydrates, soothes and repairs skin, leaving it healthy and smooth. Along with the extremely healing manuka honey, this tonic helps to clarify, balance and heal skin.

More Information About the Function of Tonics

Toners return the pH of your skin back to normal, and also dissolve any excess cleanser that had not been washed off earlier.

Method of Application

Apply tonic with a cotton pad after cleansing, using upward motions. Pat dry, or let air dry. Continue with serum of choice.

List of Ingredients

  • Lemongrass Hydrosol soothing, repairs skin, very hydrating, healing
  • Spring Water hydrating, solvent
  • Manuka Honey anti-microbial, bacteria inhibitor, healing
  • Coconut Vinegar dissolves excess cleanser left on skin, balances pH of skin
  • Leucidal SF (Lactobacillis Ferment) preservative, non-paraben does not release formaldehyde