Pre-Teen Skin Care (starting to produce oil) 5-piece



Pre-Teen Skin producing an abundance of oil refers to the natural secretion of sebum, an oily substance, by the sebaceous glands in the skin of preteens, typically between the ages of 9 and 12 years old. During this stage of development, the body undergoes significant hormonal changes, including an increase in androgen hormones, which stimulate the sebaceous glands to produce more oil. Sebum is crucial in maintaining the skin's moisture balance and protecting it from external irritants. However, an excess of sebum can lead to oily skin, which may present particular challenges such as:

  1. Acne
  2. Shiny Skin
  3. Increased Skin Sensitivity
  4. Skin Texture May Become Greasy and Thicker

      Proper skin care is essential to manage preteen oily skin. Cleansing with a gentle, oil-free face wash can help remove excess oil and dirt without stripping the skin of its natural moisture. It's also essential to avoid harsh, oil-based products that can exacerbate the problem. Non-comedogenic moisturizers are recommended to keep the skin hydrated without causing clogged pores.

      Additionally, preteens should be encouraged not to touch their faces frequently, as this can transfer bacteria and worsen acne. Maintaining a healthy diet, getting enough sleep, and staying hydrated can contribute to overall skin health.

      As with any skincare routine, it's essential
      to patch-test new products.

      Your kit will come with a complete set of instructions and the products below :)

      1.  Jen's Green Tea Shea Cleanser Gentle Formula
           CL-50  (1 ounce)
      2.  Fall Into My Pumpkin Cleanser  CL-91  (.65 ounce) 
      3.  CoCoCucumber Clarifying Tonic  CT-16  (1 ounce)
      4.  Ceramide Complex Hydrating Serum  HAS-32  (.25 ounce)
      5.  Natural Majik Lemonbalm Hydrosol Gel  HG-24  (.25 ounce)

      Pre-Teen Skin Care (starting to produce oil) 5-piece