Decadent Oat Enriched Emulsion


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Garden of Wisdom's Decadent Oat Enriched Emulsion is a decadent, delightful, healing product that is the perfect soothing product to add to your skincare arsenal. It contains no waxes or emulsifiers that cause the pores to become blocked. Having glutathione makes this gel smell relatively intense, but glutathione is incredibly healing, and we mask the scent gently with an essential oil blend. Oat Beta Glucans are one of the finest ingredients for moisturizing, healing, and helping skin that feels itchy and out of sorts.

Previously called Decadent Oat Enriched Cream

NOTE: This emulsion's high percentage of glutathione makes the smell extremely pungent. There is nothing wrong with the emulsion. The Glutathione will get stronger with time. We do use an essential oil blend with this version of the emulsion. Glutathione is discussed in our Blog and is one of the best antioxidants available and is extraordinarily healing. The color can also change to a beige color due to fermentation of ingredients.

Method of Application
Apply about a dime size of this emulsion to clean and prepped skin. Prepped? Cleanse, tone and you're ready to apply. Add moisture to your skin with spring water, a tonic (alcohol free) or a hydrosol. Dot this emulsion around your face and décolleté both morning and night (if needed). If you cleanse in the evening your skin should only need a soft warm and moist washcloth or microfiber cloth to gently wipe your skin in the morning. Now you are prepped for application.

Decadent Oat Enriched Emulsion