Deodorant Cream



Product Information

A natural approach to a deodorant cream, this cream fights underarm odors without clogging or disrupting the surrounding lymph nodes.

Zinc salts of Ricinoleic acid have no bactericidal properties and therefore do not affect the natural bacterial flora of the skin. Zinc salts of Ricinoleic acid do not have any anti-perspiration effects and are not antiperspirant active ingredients. Very mild deodorant type. Deodorizes without clogging pores.

Method of Application

Apply as needed to the armpit/under arm area. : )

List of Ingredients

  • Spring Water hydrating
  • Aloe Vera Juice hydrates, nourishes
  • Witch Hazel Distillate astringent
  • Grapeseed Oil conditioning, emollient
  • Sugarmulse emollient, wax alternative
  • Glycerin hydrating
  • Cetearyl Alcohol conditioning
  • Silica Powder deodorant
  • Zinc Ricolinate deodorant
  • Zinc Oxide deodorant
  • Cosmocil CQ preservative
  • Xanthan Gum thickener

Customer Feedback

I have been using my deodorant sample all this week and I love it. The scent is light and stays with me after an entire day of 93 degrees heat. I do work inside in air conditioning but I am in and out and sweat plenty but with no offensive odor. I've used only deodorants for years and this is a really good one in my opinion. Thanks Markey!!

I tried the deodorant sample today and was really impressed. I was skeptical this morning, knowing how hot it was going to get. My temperature gauge read 103 degrees by late afternoon. I forgot about the deodorant until I saw it on the counter tonight and realized I didn't smell like a locker room. Would definitely recommend.

I've used the deodorant sample for the last two days, and give it about eighteen thumbs up. I wasn't stinky at all by the end of the day, which is unusual for me, no matter what kind of deodorant/deodorant-antiperspirant I use.

Markey - I'd like to buy a case yesterday!