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Garden of Wisdom's Vita ReSurface Cream combats aging on a cellular level with All-Trans Retinol, a stable form of Vitamin A. Retinol is an active ingredient for sophisticated cosmetic skin care products. It is a highly effective active ingredient for caring for aging skin and protects against photo-aging.      

Method of Application
Use the Vita Resurface Cream every three nights for the first two weeks. On the nights when the Vita Resurface Cream is being used, cleanse the skin and continue by only applying the Vita Resurface Cream and no other product. Allow the cream to sit for two hours before proceeding with your nightly routine. Waiting two hours is the key to achieving the best possible results with the Vita Resurface Cream. On your third week of use, apply the Vita Resurface cream every second day. On your fifth week of use, apply the Vita Resurface cream every night until desired results are achieved.

List of Ingredients
Rose Geranium Hydrosol is hydrating, great for mature skin, calming
Rice Bran Oil is excellent for aging skin, lightweight, does not clog pores
Sodium PCA natural moisturizer, water binding to the skin
Polawax NF vegetable-derived premier stable emulsifier (NF stands for National Formulary)
Glycerin humectant, vegetable derived, literally, draws moisture out of the air to the skin when applied topically
All-Trans Retinol see above
Galactobarian (Polysaccharide)  humectant helps to stop transepidermal water loss,  binds moisture to the skin
Optiphen (Phenoxyethanol and Caprylyl Glycol) preservative

Vita ReSurface™ Cream All-Trans Retinol

Customer Reviews

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Marie Zent
Try This Little Gem!!!!

Try this little gem if you want your face to look like a baby's skin. I use the 1% and find it to be very effective for resurfacing my skin. Ladies, save yourself a lot of bucks from having chemical peels, and use this sweet little cream. If your skin is really sensitive, you might want to use the 5%, but the 1% works very well for me. My skin looks so smooth and dewy after I use this. Of course there is a little stinging and some redness afterwards, but that only means that it's working to remove the dead surface skin underneath will be beautiful new smooth skin. I love this and will order again soon. Thanks GOW for making such amazing products.

Thank you for your review :)

My secret weapon

I don't know what it is about this stuff, but even using the .5% once a week makes my skin look years younger. I have sensitive skin and have been using it over the course of several years and never needed to graduate to the stronger strength. This stuff is the real deal!!

Thank you for this review! :)