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Grape Seed Oil


Grape seed oil absorbs well into the skin and is lightweight, which makes it perfect for summer months. Often used in formulations and as a carrier oil. Grape seed oil is astringent, making it great for over oily skin and acne prone skin. Grape seed oil has non-allergenic properties, so it is good for use on sensitive skin.

Botanical Name: Vitis Vinifera
Origin: USA
Extraction Method: Cold Pressed/Partially Refined
Color: Light Green
Derived From: The seed
Contains: Linoleic acid
Base Oil: Can be used up to 100% strength
Shelf Life: 1 year

Fatty Acid Composition

  • palmitic acid .6.7%
  • palmitoleic acid 0.2%
  • stearic acid 4.1%
  • oleic acid 20.9%
  • linoleic acid 66.8%
  • linolenic acid 0.4%
  • arachidic acid 0.1%