Super Fruit Hydrating Mist


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Garden of Wisdom's Super Fruit Hydrating Mist is deliciously fresh and created with natural ingredients and fruit distillates. Our Super Hydrating Mists can be used anywhere in your routine you would use a hydrosol to tone the skin after cleansing, hydrate in between the steps in your routine, and refresh your skin throughout the day. 

Also known as Super Hydrating Mist or Hydrating Mist (extra hydration)

Method of Application
Apply throughout the day as needed and during the hydration stages of your routine before any hydrating serums, gels or creams. This can also be used in place of a toner.

Super Fruit Hydrating Mist

Customer Reviews

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Amazing for sensitive skin!

I recently started using this in place of a toner after I wash my face, and I can already see such a difference in my sensitive skin! Before, I was using a toner that was too harsh for me and left my face a bit red and dry. I’m so glad I was steered towards this product! Now, my skin is much less irritated after treating it gently. I would be so lost without GoW!

Thank you for sharing your experience with this mist! It is a staff fave :)

S Jensen
My favorite!

The raspberry Super Fruit Hydrating Mist is amazing! It smells just like the ripe raspberries I used to pick at my grandma’s, from the first spray to the last. I also love peaches, and if that distillate smells as good as the raspberry one, I’ll be delighted. I’m going to order peach now after seeing another review. The healing/soothing ingredients of Panthenol-D and Allantoin work so well that this has replaced everything I used to try for acne. I apply this after showering and I’m done. I’m 35 and am relieved I found this 2 years ago and finally have my acne under control. 4 oz lasts me about 6-8 months and the 8 oz refill is great since I just decant into the 4 oz spray bottle.

We're so glad to hear you're loving this! Very nice! Thank you :)

If I were stranded on a desert island…

…and could only have one product besides a cleanser (GOW’s Soothing Gel Cleanser), this would be it. It’s perfect for my skin, which is normal-to-dry in the winter and normal-to-oily in the summer. I keep a sample bottle in my purse to use whenever the need strikes, such as spending time outdoors on a cold and windy day, or stuck inside an office with dry heat blasting through a vent located right above my head. In the summer, this mist provides enough hydration that I only need a spritz or two under sunscreen to keep my face moisturized all day. Also ideal to use over mineral makeup to turn it from powdery to dewy. Thank you GOW for providing an unscented option for those of us sensitive to fragrances!

So glad you are loving this! It is my (Jen's) favorite also :)
Thank you!

Judy Moore
Great mist!

I love this hydrating mist! It has a wonderful smell depending on the fruit you choose….my favorite is pomegranate…..and is very calming and moisturizing. It is a great addition to my daily facial routine and I would recommend it to anyone. You won’t be disappointed!

Thank you so much!

Peach heaven

The peach hydrating mist is glorious! It smells so juicy and delicious. I love using it as a toner before serums or moisturizers. It's a staple in my routine.

Thank you so much for this review :)