Pre-Emptive Strike Skin Protectant


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This product is an anti-oxidant, anti-acne, anti-aging and hydrating! Fantastic!

Method of Application
Apply to your skin after you have cleansed and toned and before any other hydrating serums, oils or creams.

Pre-Emptive Strike Skin Protectant

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Anti-inflammation & blemish secret weapon

When I ordered this I was nervous about the possibility of it having a very strong odor, but it really doesn't. The scent is mild and it fades quickly. I will be ordering a large bottle now, as it really does keep blemishes at bay and it also reduces inflammation of any current breakout. I find it to be mildly hydrating but I also have dry skin. It is perfect layered over a hydrating mist and my emu oil.

Thank you so much for your review! We're glad you are loving this!

Can't go without it

Another reviewer called this an anytime product- I definitely agree. While I often apply it to my full face in the morning under sunscreen, it's also great to have on hand when you notice a lurking blemish or irritated spot in the middle of the day. It glides on smooth, dries down satiny with no residual stickiness, and plays nicely with all of my other skincare and makeup products. This is particularly great for that itchy-swollen feeling hormonal breakouts can have as it's really effective at soothing the irritation. Aside from breakouts, I've used a bit on rosacea flares to great effect. Definitely a workhorse product for me.

So glad you are liking this product!


I got the .25oz size of this to try it out. It's a weird little product. I couldn't figure out when to use it - morning or night, with other serums or on its own, after a mask?? The answer is "anytime", because it's truly fantastic. I keep finding myself reaching for it when my skin is being a little problematic. I have a tendency for acne and clogged pores, and while this doesn't seem to be clearing what's there (maybe minorly), it keeps any acne I have from getting worse or more inflamed and makes my skin look supple and glowy. I've been using it under a vitamin A cream I use at night, and the combination has my skin looking like porcelain in the morning. It does not make me oily or dry me out, and it has a slight earthy smell, which I like. It's brown and has the texture of a more gel-like liquid. Just repurchased the full size, since I don't want to be without, but the smaller size really lasts a long time (3 weeks and still have some left), as you only need about a drop out of the squeeze bottle for your whole face.