Pumpkin Fruit Powder



Pumpkin Fruit Powder is a beautiful burnt orange color. From the seeds to the flesh, pumpkins are loaded with nutrients that are helpful for the skin. Since pumpkin has a small molecular structure, it can penetrate deep into the skin. These nutrients do everything from hydrating to repairing damage from the inside out. Pumpkins contain enzymes and alpha hydroxy acids that break down dead skin cells. Removing dead skin cells allows normal cell regeneration to speed up. This has a smoothing and brightening effect, resulting in glowing skin.

Fun Facts about Pumpkins
Pumpkin flowers are edible. The largest pumpkin ever grown was 1,140 lbs. Pumpkins are a winter squash in the family Cucurbitacae, which includes cucumbers and melons. But because they're savory, many people just call them vegetables anyway. In 1628, Charles Perrault was born. It was him who invented fairytales and eventually "Cendrillion" aka pumpkin was depicted by artists to be the magical coach.

Properties rich in Vitamin A, C, and E, and potassium, oil regulating and fights acne, contains Omega 3 fatty acid, high in beta-carotene (bright orange color), magnesium, and zinc

INCI: Curcurbita pepo
Purity: 99%
Physical Form: Burnt Orange Powder
Melting Point: N/A
Applications: Topical
Usage Rate: Up to 50% (start at a .5% or lower)
Origin: USA
Part Used: The Fruit
Flowing Agent: Maltodextrin

    Pumpkin Fruit Powder