Saffron Rose Majikal Facial Lotion


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This lotion is decadent, filled with rich actives ready to feed your thirsty skin. Designed for aging skin or skin that is dehydrated and/or flaky, feeling as though it needs an emollient based lotion. Lovely, spiced rose scent.

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Method of Application
Spritz your face with mineral water for moisture. Apply a small, pea-sized dollop to the tip of your index finger and dab around your face and neck area. Spritz again and gently pat lotion into your skin. The moisture from the mineral water will help the product to glide on smoothly without tugging at your skin while also allowing the amount of product needed to a minimum.

Saffron Rose Majikal Facial Lotion

Customer Reviews

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The best!

I love this lotion. I have extremely sensitive acne prone skin with type 2 rosacea that HATES occlusives and most emollients. Most moisturizers are too thick for my skin and I ends up with breakouts or closed comedones. I've gone through multiple jars of this without any issues. On top of that it seems good and hasn't irritated my skin. I have normal-combo skin that's prone to dehydration and I like adding a few drops of a hydrator like 24 Hour Moisture Serum or Super Hydrating Gel underneath.

Thank you so much for this review! :)

Fabulous lotion

I bought this lotion as a sample and had to buy a bigger jar. I have sensitive, dermatitis prone skin and am always very cautious about trying new products. This one is very light and has ingredients that make my skin happy. It isn’t enough moisture for the winter months on it’s own, so I add in an oil based serum I made for my skin. It also smells great and the scent doesn’t linger and feel overwhelming. I will be coming back for this one time and time again!

Thank you so much for reviewing this!

Beautiful Lotion

I really love this lotion. It has a nice, light texture that absorbs easily into skin. It seems perfect for summer heat but I've been using it during the cold months as the final layer, after hydrosol and an oil blend.

We are super pleased to hear you love this lotion so much! Thank you for writing this!

Nice lotion, but need something more hydrating

I really love the texture of the cream and I really want to love it. I have so much trouble finding creams that don't irritate my very dry sensitive rosacea fungal acne skin.
I am going to keep trying it because all the ingredients seems like they should be okay for my skin, and maybe it will be perfect for the summer but for now I don't find it hydrating enough and it slightly itches my cheeks. This said I am determined to continue trying it and so far I have been loving applying it around my eye area over the cucumber gel eye cream. I do think the cream would be amazing for someone with sensitive combination skin during the winter months.

Thank you for your kind review. If you have any hyaluronic acid serum you can put a few drops in the palm of your hand with a dollop of the Saffron Rose Cream and a few drops of a rich oil would be awesome. Emulsify with your fingers and pat into moist skin. This can really make a huge difference when a cream doesn't feel hydrating enough. Keep us updated if you can. ~Markey